All donations to PVPDX are managed by the National Christian Foundation

a non profit serving donors by providing trusted connections to like minded causes.



As a practice we provide media to under-resourced non profits, ministries and causes at roughly one third of the current rate offered by non profit media organizations and production houses.

However, sometimes even that low rate (which we achieve through efficient practices and low overheads) is still beyond the means of our clientele. In those instances we provide media at zero cost. Please strengthen our ability do this vital work by becoming a monthly supporter of PVPDX here: GIVE


The need for low cost media which preserves the dignity and acknowledges the potential of underserved communities, could never be met by PVPDX alone. We are therefore committed to equipping, training and providing ongoing mentorship and support to filmmakers from within these communities. Whenever possible we formalize these relationships into paid internships - freeing up young filmmakers to devote themselves full-time to their training and business development.

Our ability to provide long-term support to these young filmmakers depends on the generosity of many partners. Please consider making a dependable monthly donation to this work here: GIVE