Peripheral Vision PDX is a 501(c)3 nonprofit film production company and training organization dedicated to celebrating the vision, narratives and leadership of marginalized people.

Partner with us today in:

  1. Subsidizing media for under-resourced organizations.

  2. The mentorship of young filmmakers of color.

  3. The training of organizations to empower the voices and communicate the true agency and potential of those they serve.


If your organization:

  • Prioritizes the dignity and agency of the individuals and communities that it serves

  • Empowers local leadership

  • Has leadership that includes members of the communities that it serves


  • Has philosophy and practices authentically informed by input from members of the communities that it serves

 we would love to help tell your story!

If not, we would love to enter into a consulting partnership with you, helping you achieve the ultimate aims of your mission, both in practice and communication.

 Contact: Email Sebastian at peripheralvisionpdx@icloud.com


PVPDX also provides paid internships and professional development support for young aspiring filmmakers from underserved communities - to help in this endeavor please contact us via the email above or go to bit.ly//PVPDXgive Thank you for supporting our work. 

We also offer consultation on ethical communication, development and community partnership.

Bio of Founder/Executive Director Sebastian Rogers


Sebastian Rogers was born in Norfolk, England to an immigrant mother from India and an English father. Raised in a cross-cultural home in the small rural market town of Diss, he left home to pursue a career in music at age 16 - ending up in Los Angeles by the time he was 23. After work as a producer and songwriter with platinum-selling artists, and contracts as a performing artist with London Records, Dreamworks and Interscope, Rogers was drawn to Portland, Oregon by the homespun music scene and his disillusionment with the music industry. A spiritual transformation ultimately led him into full-time Christian ministry, where his experience with media proved invaluable. Rogers developed his film making skills while Director of Communications at Imago Dei Community, before shifting his focus entirely to running the non-profit media company Peripheral Vision PDX, which he founded to provide films and media training to under-served communities, organizations and ministries.